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PLC SCADA training in Chennai

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Programmable Logic Controller - Omron & Siemens (PLC)

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PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller; in simple words it’s as same as microcontroller with higher speed, execution and accuracy. You will be learning PLC with automation and types in our training. Programmable Logic Controller is a small, digital computer that operates on variant temperature, Industrial control systems resist to electrical noise, uses programmable memory to back up the functions. PLC and SCADA has a bright future in all types of industries. The entire automation field is now focused on PLC and SCADA. In medieval times, for controlling purpose relay logic or microprocessor control was used. It is replaced by PLC now, for its high reliability, accuracy and flexibility. In an industry if the customer wants to change the logic after some time, the work is not easy to do that in relay logic or microprocessor. But it can be achieved easily if plc is used. Now PLC is used in home and building automation too.

Course objective

The course gives a good understanding of programmable controller hardware, programming concepts, sensors, pneumatics, electric drives, and troubleshooting concepts. Students will be taught how to apply analysis techniques to decompose complex automation systems into subsystems, and design interfacing requirements for these subsystems.

Key course contents

  • Architecture of PLC
  • Industrial Control & Power Circuit
  • Working with Field Devices
  • PLC Programming using Ladder Logic & Functional Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Interfacing I/O Devices with PLC
  • PC - PLC Communication
  • Timer, Counter, Jump, Subroutine & Multi-Interlocking
  • Advanced Math function , Comparator, Converter
  • Integer and Floating function, Shift & Rotate function
  • Industrial Control system using PID controller
  • Industrial PLC Panel board wiring
  • Industrial Automation Project

SCADA - Omron & Siemens (64 Hours)

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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are the functions performed by the sensors either digital or analog. Fundamentally SCADA will add capabilities to existing system with manageable bites. Consequently we can say that PLC and SCADA is the major solution for all controlling purpose where there is a need for customized result. To pursue the effective PLC SCADA Training in Chennai, Livewire is the only destination for the learners.

Course objective

The course deals mainly with data acquisition and management. Students will learn the applications of SCADA software, SCADA features, creating applications, creating database tags, developing graphic displays, trending, communication with PLC and other hardware, and commissioning of network nodes.

Key course contents

  • Architecture of SCADA
  • Different communication system
  • SCADA Window Creation
  • Object Configuration
  • VB Scripting
  • Alarm & Recipe management
  • PLC & SCADA Interfacing
  • Structures and Faceplates creation
  • Remote Monitor & Control Process
  • Real Time trends & Historical trends
  • Data logging, OPC & ODBC
  • Industrial SCADA project

Why Should Learners Prefer LIVEWIRE For PLC & SCADA Training in Chennai?

  • To control up the mechanical functions of system PLC learning and execution plays a major role.
  • Our mission is to make the trainees who land us to the outstanding system analyst with expert training.
  • Since we have branches all across the nation and partnered with the various corporations it’s easy for us to place a job in accordance to the learner’s capability and skills.
  • We provide the effective training that would be really helpful in the workplace.
  • We feel proud that Livewire is the most recommended PLC SCADA Training in Chennai with placement opportunities. Not just PLC SCADA, we also provide training in various fields like Ethical hacking, Matlab, Python and Java training in Tambaram.

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