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MATLAB for Electricals

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Course objective

This course gives guidance on key features of widely used toolboxes in simulink, help transform concepts to a complete model, verify and evaluate the system behaviour in different user environments. It allows the attendees to explore the more advanced features of MATLAB in a unified manner and help learners 'future-proof' themselves and remain relevant for the rapidly evolving technology from industry perspective.

Key course contents

  • MATLAB built-in functions
  • 2D and 3D plots
  • Simulink modelling
  • Masks and Subsystems
  • Lookup table editor and breakpoints
  • Stateflow modelling
  • Hierarchical state machines
  • Parallel state machines
  • Events in state machines
  • Functions in state machines
  • Truth tables and State transition tables
  • Control systems stability analysis
  • Controller implementation – P, PI, PID
  • Frequency response estimation
  • Simscape modelling
  • Selecting solver methods
  • Connecting physical signals and simulink signals
  • Digital Image Processing – Script, Simulink and GUI
  • Digital Signal Processing – Script, Simulink and GUI
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  • Neural Networks Toolbox
  • Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB - Script, Simulink and GUI
  • Interfacing Raspberry Pi with MATLAB – Script, Simulink and GUI
  • Interfacing Android Sensor with MATLAB
  • Code Generation using HDL coder in MATLAB
  • Interfacing MATLAB with Embedded Systems

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