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Network Engineering Routing & Switching (CCNA)

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Course objective

The course teaches students the basics of networking and how to configure a small network with routers and switches. It teaches the difference between protocols like IP, TCP and UDP; between IPv4 and IPv6. It also teaches how to configure routers and switches in a network adhering to protocols. The course also covers many related subjects in LAN/WAN networking.

Key course contents

  • Network Fundamentals
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Switching Technologies
  • Routing Technologies - EIGRP, OSPF, RIP
  • WAN Technologies
  • Infrastructure Services - DHCP, HSRP, NAT & NTP
  • Infrastructure Security - ACL, Port Security, Telnet & SSH
  • Infrastructure Management - SNMP, Syslog, Backup & restore

LINUX - System / Server Administration (RHCE)

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Course objective

The course aims to make students will fully understand the most important and fundamental concepts of Linux server administration, and will be able to put those concepts to use in real-world situations.

It teaches students how to install and customize Linux (administration of Linux servers from the GUI); manage users, permissions, folders, and native applications; configure Internet and intranet services (understanding and managing the Linux TCP/IP networking stack and services); performance tuning, security (building robust firewalls, and routers), and creating and maintaining DNS, Email, Webserver, MariaDB and Linux Scripting.

Key course contents

Linux System Administration

  • Introduction and OS installation
  • Basic Commands
  • User & Group management
  • File permissions & ACL
  • Package & Disk Management
  • Networking & Remote installation
  • Kernel Virtualization
  • Linux process & controlling services
  • SELinux and Firewalld
  • Controlling boot process

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